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Tap the squares, guess the picture!

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Squarelets is a cosy image puzzle to play when you want to relax and unwind. 

Immerse yourself in a world of vivid colours, charming graphics, and satisfying gameplay.


Made with love 💜

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How to play

Progress through levels of increasing difficulty by uncovering details of hidden images, and test your observation skills by finding which image was concealed. 


Each round starts with an image in a very low resolution (just four squares!) and 6 images below it. Tapping on the pixelated image reveals higher resolution below. The goal of the game is to guess which of the 6 images was hidden behind the pixelation.


Squarelets uses a custom AI algorithm to generate the images in each round, which creates a virtually infinite number of possible puzzles to solve. The algorithm was fine tuned to create images in a consistent aesthetic and to give them visually appealing proportions. 


Add to it all the badges you can unlock along with competing with your friends, and you get a captivatingly cute game to play when you need a little break from the world!

A Squarelets frame showing the main game mechanics: how tapping on the top image shows more details and this information can be used to guess the correct image from the options on the bottom.

Challenge yourself

Play more to unlock harder levels and test your puzzle solving skills.

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Match your mood

Switch between playing in pastel light and neon dark mode.

Tap the squares

Each tap uncovers more details.

Can you guess which image is hidden?

A Squarelets frame showing different difficulty levels that you can unlock by playing the game.

Sharpen your skills to unlock cute badges.
Each of them is hand drawn for the game!

Unlock achievements

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