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Chaos Cookie

Sztuka niezależna i gry. Zaprojektowane z miłością.

Chaos Cookie łączy sztukę z programowaniem, tworząc przestrzeń, w której wzajemnie się wzmacniają. Przestrzeń do doświadczania lepszego, radośniejszego świata, w którym ludzie mają kontakt z chwilą obecną.

Budujemy tę przestrzeń na podstawie naszych doświadczeń, aby pomóc innym kobietom wzrastać, dostosować się do ich wartości i realizować swój prawdziwy cel. Z estetycznym akcentem.

How it started

Tech lead turned indie game dev

Chaos Cookie started as Beatka Wójciak’s solo side-project, created after playing around with different algorithms, craft projects, and exploring mindfulness techniques.


Beatka’s background is in software engineering but she’s always loved art and drawing. After building a successful career at Google, she realised that there is a flavour of tech that connects art and technology: games. 

Beatka sitting at a desk with her laptop and notebook thinking about the next cool project. There are also cacti on the desk because that's what inspired creation of Pin

She showcased her first game Squarelets at Develop: Brighton 2023 and Insomnia Gaming Festival #i71 which sparked a lot of interest and love for the project. So much in fact, that she decided to pursue it full time so she quit her day job in November 2023 and started building a team to make more great things together.

How it's going

After a successful Squarelets launch and Beatka making the Apple’s 2024 Ones to Watch list, we’re working on growing the game and bringing it to other platforms.

We’re also starting to expand our portfolio of cosy mindful games drawing from the experience we gained through Squarelets. We have big plans for the upcoming projects so make sure to sign up to our newsletter to be the first to learn about them!

We’re now a team of 5 with skills spanning production, development, design, art and event organisation. We’re looking to grow in the next months (especially on the programming and art fronts) so, if Chaos Cookie sounds like fun to you, reach out to us.

Screenshot of a difficulty progress path from Squarelets. Unlocking higher levels makes the puzzles harder but it's also more rewarding
From left: Angie, Beatka, Sophie and Mike at the Squarelets stand during WASD 2024
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