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Chaos Cookie

Cosy Art and Puzzle Games. Designed with love.

Chaos Cookie embraces the connection between art and software engineering, creating a space where they enhance each other. A space to experience a better, more cheerful world, where people are in touch with the present moment.

We are building this space on our experiences, to help other women grow, align with their values, and pursue their real purpose. With an aesthetic touch.

Hi there, I'm Beatka

Tech lead by day, indie game dev by night.

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I’m one of those lucky people who found their passion very early on. I knew I wanted to be a software engineer since I was a teenager. It just seemed like such a cool job where you tell the computer what to do, and it's like magic!


My career in computer science was a bumpy ride. Even more so because I am a woman, and people are not always taking me seriously. But that doesn’t stop me. 

Beatka - Chaos Cookie

Chaos Cookie is my brain child, my solo passion-project, where I can follow my interests in design and educating others, and people can find inspiration to grow. A space where cosy art joins engineering.


For several years now, I have been mentoring women early in their career and noticed that a lot of them face similar challenges. That inspired me to expand Chaos Cookie with a career and productivity focused blog covering topics from the first-person perspective. Here I want to encourage you all to pursue that big dream that doesn't let you sleep at night!

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Maze Balls

1 November 2024

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